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Senior Full-stack (Node.js/Angular) developer


We’re looking for a passionate and experienced Full-stack JS developer (Node.js/Angular), who is prepared to meet some new challenges in an international team of Node.js experts.

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  • Angular
    вакансии для айтишников Beetroot
  • JavaScript
    Вакансии в айти Beetroot

Senior Full-stack (React/PHP) developer


Exciting times! We’re extremely happy to work with an awesome, new client based in Stockholm, Sweden. We’re looking for a Full-stack React/Symfony Developer. It’s time to make a dream team happen.

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  • PHP
    PHP Вакансии для разработчиков Beetroot
  • react
    вакансии для айтишников Beetroot

Back-End (GO) Developer

Ready, Steady, GO! We’re looking for a Back-End developer to work with our new client from Sweden.

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Kharkiv Kyiv

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Dedicated teams

Beetroot specializes in building dedicated teams of developers and designers for clients around the world.

The teams work from one of Beetroot's offices and communicate directly with clients, with minimal bureaucracy.

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Beetroot constitutes an ecosystem that starts from the very first steps of programming, and stretches to where our team members are full-stack masters. Beetroot Academy helps educate passionate talents all over Ukraine, to enable their first steps and a career in IT.

WordPress projects

Our WordPress web studio is a stand-alone part of Beetroot - a project unit that specializes in developing website projects for agencies. Our WordPress team is located in Poltava and Odessa.