Full-stack developer (PHP-Laravel/JS-Vue.js)

Is a Full-stack developer with more than 15 years of experience with PHP and more than 5 years with JavaScript. Would like to work with complex tasks. Loves creating different things from scratch, he did this several times and has architectural experience as well as experience of writing technical documentation.

If to talk about his tech stack he started with PHP mostly as a freelancer, working with different, even exotic PHP frameworks. Has some system administration and DevOps experience. He also has Team Leading and Tech Leading experience, worked with the team of more than 10 ppl. He started with us as a Senior Full-stack developer dealing mostly with PHP and some really custom projects, like Learning Management system for the internal Academy, or custom web-resource – youtube+instagram like project for amateur producers, etc. Main stack is PHP+JS (Vue.js), several months ago he started learning pure Python and Django in particular (finds this framework very similar to Laravel). He also has some experience creating mobile apps for iOS.
English is like upper-intermediate, he also has good communication skills.