If you are an organized and structured person who loves things to be in order, this might be for you. You will work with our Swedish client – “Internet Vikings” – a company that provides Internet professionals with services within Domain Software, SEO Hosting, Diversified IPs, and Internet Data. “Internet Vikings” is funded and managed by Internet entrepreneurs. They are absolutely cutting edge when it comes to the wholesale traffic market, placing their focus on companies in the SEO, affiliate, and domain industry.


  • Domain audits and checks to ensure that all systems are running smoothly
  • Help in performing internal checks in accordance with the processes set up
  • Working with domain-related emails and handling registry correspondence
  • Assistance with executive domain deliveries and acquiring domains by request
  • Handling non-standard domain requests and investigations
  • Performing documentation related tasks and help to create new documents
  • Teamwork and consultancy in domain-related requests
  • Assisting with domain financial tasks
  • Creating reports on the domains data, be involved in monthly reporting
  • Product updates handling and help with onboarding new domain services

What we’re looking for

  • At least 2 years of experience with Domains or Domains Billing
  • Experience with domain name billing and orders, 
  • Experience in handling registry/upstream provider escalation requests, 
  • Understanding of domain name life-cycle
  • Troubleshooting domain name issues
  • Working with extensive data
  • Be able to suggest solutions for non-standard cases
  • Strong written and oral English communication.
  • You love borsch!


  • Making yourself understood, and communicating both your point and your reasoning. Swedes like what they call the “red thread” – or logical progression of thoughts. Extra points if you can do it succinctly. 
  • Naming five or more dishes that include beetroot, besides borsch.