Domain Specialist

We’re looking for a Domain Specialist to join one of our amazing teams! Our working model allows you to communicate directly with the Stockholm-based client, being a part of the Beetroot team, while working full-time in our Poltava office.

Full Stack (PHP, JavaScript)

We’re looking for a Full Stack (PHP, JavaScript) Developer to join a Stockholm-based, exciting e-commerce project.

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Ivano-Frankivsk Kharkiv Kremenchuk Odesa Poltava

  • JavaScript
    Вакансии в айти Beetroot
  • PHP
    PHP Вакансии для разработчиков Beetroot

Content Strategist/Writer

Great things are happening at Beetroot! We’re looking for a content strategist/writer to be an active team player and help us tackle our current content needs! Our operational model allows you to work and communicate directly with the client’s team and our team while being full-time in our Poltava team.

WordPress Developer

Exciting times! We’re extremely happy to expand our WordPress team.

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Ivano-Frankivsk Odesa Poltava

  • Wordpress
    WordPress вакансії Beetroot