The client is looking for a person who can start first and lay the groundwork for the project for the future Ukrainian team. This person should understand the product on an architectural and solution level, both on an overall level as in details concerning front-end and app development foremost, to later be able to lead the start of a dedicated development team
In our collaboration model, you will work and communicate directly with the development team on the client’s side.


  • Set requirements for documentation needs.
  • To be able to act as a technical leader for front-end development.
  • Lead team activities with a positive mindset without prestige where the goal is to create the best solutions for alarm handling.
  • You will be responsible for the front-end application and apps, and their technology including keeping architecture and technology up to date with the latest innovations in the area.

What we’re looking for:

  • A quick learner, with great commitment for her/his work who puts big value in doing a great job.
  • High technical competence, and the ability to understand complex design on both back-end (API) side, as well as front-end side.
  • A good communicator with leadership skills.
  • Initiative and dedicated to product development.
  • Javascript / Typescript / React.js / Require.js / Real-time communications / Architecture (SOLID, DDD).
  • Great level of English.


  • Experience in refactoring front-end code is valuable.
  • Experience of short release cycles and DevOps set up of the organization.
  • You love Borshch!